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Anti-Union NLRB gives the working class a break, a very very small one | Labor board gives U.S. unions a rare victory |

"This rule is about giving all employees who have petitioned for an election the right to vote in a timely manner and without the impediment of needless litigation," said NLRB Chairman Mark Pearce, a Democratic appointee of President Barack Obama.

What this effectively means is that union-busting law firms wont have as much time to crush organizing efforts. And of course they’re pissed about it.

Lawyers for the largest business lobbying group, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, filed a lawsuit in Washington to try to block the rule, which is scheduled to take effect on April 30. They say election periods could become so short that they could "ambush" employers and violate their free-speech rights.

Why and how the fuck do Corporations have “free-speech” rights?

Oh right America is a plutocracy, I almost forgot for a minute.

Even though this is a half measure, closer to a quarter measure, in todays political climate of a pansy Democrat in the White House and a congress that enjoys bending over being buggered by Tea-Party endorsed candidates, we still have to count this as a victory.